Jeff Fay is a creative and editorial photographer who began looking life through a lens during his Sixth Grade summer in the Berkshires. The boyhood wonder he discovered that day is what continues to make his work and style unique.
After understanding the goal of the project, Jeff uses his surroundings as a canvas on which to begin to play. His light-hearted personality allows him to create a connection and comfort with his subject that unlocks depths of untold stories. The result impressively develops with the boyhood wonder and his passion always layered into his images. His approach is fresh, idyllic and mystic in tone.
His professional career ranges from working on deadline in the newsroom to producing complicated imagery for national advertising agencies. He currently serves on the Alumni Council and Archive Committee of the Becket ChimneyCorners YMCA.
Although others would disagree, his best shoot is yet to be captured. Hire him today and maybe your project will be his best. His past award-winning subjects have included:
- Children & Families
- Interiors & Architectural Exteriors
- Professional Headshots
- Landscapes
- Advertising Campaigns
- Travel
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